Rachel Berger is a designer in California. Lately, she’s been into current events, reading and writing, architecture, technology, cities, politics, identity, and fiber.

Bullet I 


Model of an Xbox 360 controller cast in lead with cast copper thumbsticks. Lead is one of the heaviest common metals, excellent for creating an object that embodies the weight of war. The piece weighs six pounds, ten times the weight of the original controller. Lead is also highly toxic. Its use in many commercial applications has been banned, but it remains a popular means of producing homemade bullets. Project influenced by Bruce and Stephanie Tharp’s scholarship on discursive design—design with conceptual, rather than commercial, intentions.
current events, politics, technology


Production support: Sarah Lowe, mold making; John Colle Rogers, lead casting and final assembly; Russell Larman, copper casting. First two photographs: Nicholas Lea Bruno.